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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Higher Secondary Schools Scheme

Higher secondary school scheem

Report of Commission on National Education (1959):

"Class XII and XII should be separated from the control of the universities and become a part of the secondary stage along with class IX an X" (P.111)
"Our ultimate objective is to have only two categories of schools ,elementary class 1 to class VIII and secondary schools from class IX to class XII".(P.117).

Report of the Curriculum Committee for Secondary Education:

"The Higher Secondary Stage (i.e. Classes XI and XII as discussed in the previous pages of the same report)is a continuation of the secondary Stage in respect of objectives and purpose".(P.25)

The Education Policy (1972-1980):

The Policy has demarked the elementary education from class I to VIII (P.2) and proposed the same measures for the secondary education , from class IX to XII(P.5)
It clearly indicates the educational ladder is three tier, i.e. elementary (I-VIII), secondary (XI, XII) and higher (XII-onward).

National Education Policy (1979):

"The present four tier system of education namely Primary , Secondary ,College and Universities ,will be replaced by a three tier system of elementary ,secondary and university ,in a phased manner. Classed IX and X and will be added to all the intermediate colleges while class XI and XII will be added to selected high schools". (P.32)

National Education Policy (1992):

The Policy proposes the establishment of two types of school systems ,the Academic High School ,and Vocational High School, each with 12 years of schooling (Higher secondary ,High Schools)
It also proposes the shifting of classes XI and XII from the colleges to the General Schools and Vocational School". (P.25).

Punjab Education Policy 1997:

"In line with Education Policy the three tier education system i.e. elementary .secondary and higher education would be practically implemented in its true prospective" .(P.9) "Higher Secondary School scheme is not being implemented in letter and spirit. The Scheme would b implemented in accordance with the provisions of the National Policy" (P.11)
"The six plan program will gradually integrate education of classes XI and XII with secondary education and this process of restructuring will be completed in 7th plan .For this purpose classes XI and XII will be added in high school to meet additional demand of intermediate level of education"

First Five year s plan(1955-60):

"Many educators look forward to the time when primary school will continue to the eighth class and High Schools to the twelfth , dispensing with the middle and intermediate classes. This is a worthy goal which should b kept in view"(P.408)
"The present structure has the merit of flexibility which is needed to accommodate the varying needs of pupils who drop out of the school program at several points and furnishes a ready mechanism for upgrading schools from primary to middle, from middle to high and from high schools to Higher Secondary Schools, Including the eleventh and twelfth classes" (P.408)

Second Five Year Plan(1960-65):

"The second plan makes provision for the amalgamation of the intermediate classes with the secondary education system, for the improvement of secondary schools bringing their accommodation, equipment ,libraries and teaching up to a specified standard:.(p.342)

Six Five year Plan (1983-88):

"The practice of adding class XI and XII to the Higher Schools which has already been adopted by a number of prestigious and autonomous Institutions shall be extended to other Govt. Schools under a phase program to meet additional demands"(PP.349-350)
"The six plan programs will gradually integrate education of classes XI and XII with secondary education and this process or restructuring will be completed in the seventh plan"(P.349).

Seventh Five years Plan (1988-93) & Perspective Plan (1988-2003):

"It is proposed the seventh plan reoriented the education structure as follows:
Classes0,I,II,IIILower Elementary
ClassesIV,V,VI,VII,VIIIUpper Elementary
ClassesXVI,XVII & aboveUniversity".( P.248)
"In the Seventh plan no Intermediate colleges will open. Instead classes XI and XII will be added to selected High Schools wherever justified. Similarly all Intermediate colleges will gradually start Classes IX and X as well". (P.248)

Eight Five Year Plan(1993-1998):

"Priority will be given to adding classes XI and XII in Secondary Schools Instead of establishing new Intermediate colleges".(P.343)

National Education Policy 2010 :

National education policy 2010 is also supporting the Higher Secondary School Scheme .This Scheme is an international Scheme and there is no any college in the world where inter classes are going on. These inter classes are the part of school education.

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